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Parental engagement for schools


Parental Engagement and the Ofsted Inspection Framework August 2015


The August 2015 Ofsted Inspection Framework continues to value the work that schools and academies do to engage effectively with parents. One of the Grade Descriptors for assessing the effectiveness of leadership and management, at an outstanding school, requires leaders and governors to "have a deep, accurate understanding of the school's effectiveness informed by the views of pupils, parents, and staff".  They should "use this to keep the school improving by focussing on the impact of their actions in key areas".

When it comes to assessing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, one of the Grade Descriptors states that, at an outstanding school, parents must be "provided with clear and timely information on how well their child is doing in relation to the standards expected.  Parents are given guidance about how to support their child to improve".


Parental Engagement effectiveness within Early Years Provision


When inspectors judge the overall quality and standards of the early years provision they must take into account "how well all staff work with parents, engage them in their children's learning and keep them informed about their children's achievements and progress".  One of the grade descriptors, used by inspectors to judge whether the provision is outstanding, states that leaders are expected to "use highly successful strategies to engage parents and carers, including those from different groups, in their children's learning in school and at home".


How we can help


We provide training and advisory services to schools and local authorities in order to improve outcomes for all young people.  We have extensive experience of helping schools (primary, secondary) to successfully engage with all groups of parents, sometimes in very innovative ways.  Our work is often focussed in schools which are located in areas of high deprivation.  Our work has helped parents to increase their levels of confidence, involvement and understanding of their own children’s development and education resulting in many improvements such as:  improved standards of attendance, behaviour and achievement by pupils at school, as well as increased numbers of parents who have become actively involved in their children’s learning.



Helping Schools to achieve the Ofsted requirements for Parental Engagement


Townsend Consultancy Ltd provides advisory support to schools to help them to engage more effectively with parents. Much has been written about the important role that parents can play in encouraging their children to learn and the impact that this can have on raising achievement.  Involving parents in home-school reading schemes, family literacy initiatives and other joint activities have been shown to improve children’s levels of attainment, their attitudes to learning and their levels of achievement.


In this video Professor Charles des Forges explains the importance of involving parents in their children's learning


At Townsend Consultancy we work with each school individually to identify what help they need to improve their levels of parental engagement.  We believe that all schools: primary, secondary, special, faith, and free schools can achieve highly successful ways of engaging with parents.




The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)


Townsend Consultancy Ltd also provides expert support for schools that have signed up to achieve the leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The LPPA is a quality mark, developed by Prospects, which provides a challenging yet rewarding framework to enable schools to strengthen their partnership with parents and carers. It is a developmental process which, through the involvement of parents, staff, and pupils, aims to enhance children's life chances at all stages from nursery to secondary.  This award is designed for schools that are committed to investing in parents for the achievement of children.  Training, professional development and consultancy are provided for individual schools and organisations and for groups of schools or organisations.

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The latest LPPA Newsletter Issue 10: Summer 2015


Parental Engagement is often associated with primary schools. However, LPPA Adviser Jenny Townsend explains that parental engagement is just as vital at secondary level as it is at primary level, raising aspirations and higher levels of achievement.

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